The largest current area of practice for Building Consultants, Ltd., is the evaluation of problems and development of solutions for moisture problems in exterior building walls. The diversity of wall component materials requires a careful analysis of the problem before the proper solution can be developed. BCL utilizes swingstages, hydraulic man-lifts, bosun’s chairs and other means to perform close-up evaluation of problem areas. This evaluation may also include material or water testing on site, removal of wall components for interior examination, and laboratory testing.

Following are some recent examples of BCL assignments for exterior walls:

  • Evaluation, design, bidding and construction monitoring during a two-year repair of exterior concrete walls and windows at residences at a university in California.
  • Evaluation, design, bidding and construction monitoring during repairs to exterior walls and replacement of sealants at a 1000-room hotel in Chicago.
  • Assessment of exterior wall problems shortly after construction of a luxury hotel in the Caribbean.
  • Evaluation of the condition of exterior walls and prioritization of repairs at a group of 40 hotels throughout the United States.
  • Evaluation, design, bidding and construction monitoring during repairs to brick masonry walls and terra cotta at a 90-year-old hotel in the southern US.
  • Evaluation of water infiltration and siding deterioration at a hotel in the eastern US listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

BCL has experience in all types of exterior wall components including brick, concrete masonry units, EIFS, precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, wood siding, stone and metal panels. This experience, accumulated over more than 35 years, can be put to work for you to solve your most complicated exterior wall problems.